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Here are just a few of the great stories that make us love our business as we see catastrophes averted, businesses saved and dreams come true. These are all the things that alternative financing can provide you when working with Midtown Pawn Boutique in Miami…

Making Payroll in Miami - Giovanni D. has a small business but receivables were lagging and he had a $30,000 payroll to make. “Banks that we’ve done business with for years ignored our solid credit rating and refused to help, my neighbor told me about Midtown Pawn Boutique taking watches and other valuables as collateral. I was leery about going to some shady operation and would never have done it. One look at Midtown Pawn Boutique and it posh operation and I immediately felt comfortable. I sat down with the appraisers and after being educated on the process I walked out with the cash I needed for my payroll. All I can say is – it was that easy.

Working Capital to Grow your South Florida Business – Cindy P. won the biggest account she has ever had but the material cost was running close to 20,000. “This account could put us on the map but I simply couldn’t get the financing I needed, my sister told me about a Women’s Summit she recently attended and how one of the case studies discussed involved the Midtown Pawn Boutique. The idea of using my personal valuables as collateral seemed promising. My Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Fendi handbags and accessories. It was such a relief to know that although the money wasn’t inside the bags – I could leverage the money I put into buying the bags.”

Taxes – Samantha M. felt like her world was falling apart. For five years she’s been struggling with her gallary and every time she thinks she is going to be left with a little profit, she gets hit with a tax bill. That’s exactly how she wound up with 3 years of back taxes and is now having to deal with a tax lien. Samantha had always been into collecting art pieces and now she desperately looked around her place trying to identify what she could use as collateral. “The entire concept was foreign to me, I never expected to need these items to fend off the government – Midtown Pawn Boutique was my salvation. ”

Fix-up – Saving a South Florida Business – Al H. had a call from his showroom manager. The roof was leaking and the business needed emergency funds immediately to ensure it did not lose its inventory let alone shutdown operations. The 6,000 S.F. building was going to need over $35,000 to put a new roof in. “We had no emergency funds, the economic downturns had us watching every penny to avoid a loss. A business acquaintance told me about how she was able to obtain a collateralized loan from Midtown Pawn Boutique – my 48 ft Catalina sailboat put the wind back in my sail – after meeting with Midtown’s valuation specialists I was able to cover those expenses plus some. – Why would anyone use a bank again?”

Seasonal Budget – Pete J. finished his busy season and it was all but that. Three winter months are when the company normally closes. Making ends meet during this period will be extremely arduous. “I was astounded at how quickly and easily I was able to get funds from Midtown Pawn Boutique to tie me over during this period – it was easier than going to a family member for a loan and a lot less embarrassing. To top it off, I actually went back for a second loan while I still had one in place. The staff was tremendous – the counseling and advice was great – I paid my monthly service charges and once the season was rocking again I reclaimed my collateral.

Children’s Tuition – a Smart Way to Pay – Mark T. has a freshman and a junior attending a private university. Even on his physician’s salary he finds it challenging to stay afloat. He’s accumulated the toys and even a nice stock portfolio but making due with one salary can be a tough situation and taking advantage of payment plans are tough too. Mark heard one of the nurses talk about Midtown Pawn Boutique and he felt a glimmer of encouragement. $36,000 worth of collectibles along with an 8 year old BMW enabled him to obtain a loan from this unique shop.

Paying Medical Bills – Belinda R. was a nurse that suffered a serious accident while skiing in Montana last year. While her insurance covered many expenses she still could not afford to support an ailing mother and herself. She had already taken on a second job and she still had to find a better way. Belinda heard that Midtown Pawn Boutique didn’t just provide collateralized loans they also offer consignment services and will often buy key products. “Between my mother and myself, I never realized how much material must-haves we really had. We set-out to find the value of a few collectibles and in some of the fine jewelry we accumulated. It was like taking a breath of fresh air dealing with Midtown Pawn Boutique – we worked together to help us get cash.”

Play then Pay – Isaac S. has worked two years 6 days a week – no vacation no days off no sick days. His hardwork kept him on schedule paying off $200,000 of college debt. Still, he wanted to attend a class reunion and needed at least $7,000 to spend the week back east. Isaac had his grandfather’s jewelry box that contained a Rolex Presidential, a Hublot, a Cartier, and a Breitling watch. Before you know it Isaac had more than enough money to cover his needs and all of this was due to Midtown Pawn Boutique. He felt a comforting feeling knowing that the associates at Midtown Pawn Boutique all knew these products were important to him and he wanted to return for them.

Best friends forever (Bff) Wedding – Tracy A. grew up with Jane, best friends since they were two, they took dance together, went to college together, became sorority sisters, and promised each other to be there always. Now Jane was getting married and Tracy was to be the maid of honor. Problem, Tracy could not afford going to Atlanta, buy her dress, shoes, and accessories, get a gift, and the list just kept on growing. As a freelance writer Tracy knew soon she would be receiving a nice check but she needed the money now. Midtown Pawn Boutique helped Tracy leverage her personal belongs and walk out with $5,000 cash. According to Tracy, “the entire transaction was so pleasing, fun and full of mystique – I can’t help but to want to tell everyone.”

Automobile Breakdown – Simon G. had always wanted a Porsche and up until recently everything was just coming together nicely for him. The 911 Carrerra was a bit of a stretch of an investment but he loved every bit of it. “So here I was with my dream car, no cash left in the bank, living check to check. Still, I could do it – after all I earn 6 figures. I was accumulating things and I had an appetite for the best of everything. When the Porsche broke down my world became truly scary. How would I get to work – no work no pay, no play – ok, ok take control” I said to myself. Riding back with a friend I noticed Midtown Pawn Boutique’s digital billboard LED sign off of I-95 going towards Miami Beach. The sign read “we make dreams come true” well mine was falling apart – I had one viable option and was I ever thankful to cross paths with Midtown Pawn Boutique.”