We finance your dreams, and provide you opportunities to have what you want in life!

How We Work

No questions, no applications, no credit. A first choice alternative for financing.

As a Miami Pawn Shop – Our primary business is to offer small, short-term loans that give our customers a lower cost option to high penalties or late fees associated with the inability to receive cash when they need it.

In today’s society, many people depend on pawnshops to help them meet their daily financial needs. Traditional financial institutions simply do not cater to this segment of the population. It is not unusual for ordinary hardworking people to be faced with an unexpected urgent need for a short-term loan or to obtain merchandise at a fair value and we are there in that time of need providing alternatives and solutions to our customers. Making ends meet often requires creativity. Many of our customers have found that those items they’ve collected over the years can be used as collateral or they choose to divest themselves of them.

How the Selling Process Works

1. You’ll meet with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Discerning clientele from South Florida and Latin America and beyond find the Midtown Pawn Boutique to be a luxury experience. Our staff is well-prepared to guide you through the process respectfully and patiently. Our company’s goal is to dissipate your embarrassment and fears about the process of reselling your treasured item and make the experience so positive you’ll be a lifelong customer.

2. All pieces will be assessed separately.

Each one of the pieces will be examined thoroughly, noting its value and history. Our attention to detail comes first and foremost in giving you the most appropriate trade-in value on each individual piece. Appraisers, gemologists, and other subject matter experts provide a trusted third party perspective.

3. You make an informed decision on which pieces to sell.

For any piece you choose to sell after the assessment, payment will be offered immediately.

4. You are free to buy-back the items at any time.

About 70 percent of the loans are paid off and the items are returned to the borrower, so keep in mind you can always get your sentimental valuable back once you pay off the loan.